New roller coaster for Santa Cruz Boardwalk

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Santa Cruz has long been legendary in surfing circles: a century ago the Hawaiian Princes, Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Piikoi and David Kahalepouli Kawanaanko a Piiko, were spotted surfing on 15 foot redwood planks weighing 100 pounds while in the 1950s, Jack O’Neill – the man who invented the wetsuit and changed the surf industry forever – opened up his first surf shop in SC.

But Santa Cruz isn’t all about surfing. Away from the water, the big attraction is the famous 1907 Santa Cruz Boardwalk. The old school American amusement park (the oldest on the west coast) appeared in cult film The Lost Boys as well as 2012‘s Of Men and Mavericks which starred Scottish hunk Gerard Butler.But the epitome of the classic Californian beach vacation, is perhaps best known for its boardwalk.

Gerard Butler stars in 'Of Men and Mavericks'


The 1924 Giant Dipper roller coaster, with its landmark red and white structure, spectacular view of the Monterey Bay, and speedy successive dips and fan curves, has always been The Boardwalk’s most popular ride but that could be set to change this summer.

A new US$5.5 million spinning roller coaster will debut at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk later this month (officials have yet to set an exact launch date).

With a nod to its location adjacent to the Monterey Bay with views of the ocean, the Undertow which was built in Germany, promises a thrilling ride for passengers as it zips and turns at speeds up to 40 miles per hour. The ride will feature individual cars hosting four passengers each, with each pair facing in the opposite direction. The experience is different each time for riders, depending on the weight and position of people in the car. For example in the Immelmann Turn, riders will find themselves looking skyward or toward the ground, depending on where they sit as the track takes a sharp 80 degree bank. A 360 degree carousel spin, a slalom section and plenty of sharp curves will round out the fun!

The Undertow is the Boardwalks’s first major attraction since the Haunted Castle opened in 2010. To find out when the turquoise and yellow Undertow will open, keep an eye on the Boardwalk’s Facebook page .

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