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Glasgow; its the people that make us remember the city

This is the new slogan that is launched today to encourage us to visit the city. It is the result of, according to the council leader, interviews with over 40 business, academic and private organisations; five weeks consultation; twitter and website views and maybe even the inspection of chicken entrails and the tea leaves in the cups of all the many dozens of cups of tea that might have been drunk whilst reaching this conclusion.

But will it work? Does it appeal to you? Having read it, will you block a date in your diary to visit Glasgow?

Even a city with all the benefits of Glasgow in having heritage, big shopping centres, theatres, world-class museums such as the Kelvingrove and the new Riverside , easy access to countryside and a Dr Who tardis has to market itself so that people don’t forget to include it on their list of things to do.
It is astonishingly hard to come up with a snappy slogan that instantly means something, resonates with the reader and remains memorable. There aren’t many tourism slogans that have achieved that, in fact I can’t think of any other than I Love New York except that “love” has been replaced by a heart shape. That idea has been copied around the world.

Google, “tourism” and “Glasgow” and the old tourism site will appear but with changes, the biggest of which is that now it is www. Will a cosmetic makeover and a slogan bring thousands of new visitors? Part of the effort by the tourism officials will be in how many organisations like us and travel press from around the world pick up on it and mention it in the newspapers, magazines and blogs. CD-Traveller had no press release about it and were we not to have been aware of the competition we might have missed today’s launch.
This new Glasgow slogan is obviously meant to reflect that it is the nature of Glaswegians that delivers the appeal to come to the city. Now, £500,000 will be spent around the world on attracting visitors.

The success will be gauged by how many come which is why I come back to an earlier question. Does it attract you?


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