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Fish week time again

Now that spring is slowly meandering into summer, it is the time for the food shows which have become such a visitor draw. This weekend time it is the turn of Halifax to play host to its food and drink festival and for the ever-popular Pembrokeshire Fish Week to start.
The middle of Halifax gets taken over by the festival and although there are seventy stands, it actually seems as though there are many more. Considering it has been running for just six years this is quite an achievement on behalf of the organisers. This is only the second year since the event became so valuable to the town as a tourist draw that they made the town centre a traffic-free zone whilst it was on.
The fish week in Pembrokeshire isn’t limited to just one location. Seaside resorts such as Tenby and Saundersfoot will see as much activity as Haverfordwest and Milford Haven.there are now 250 events scattered across the county which, to Kate Morgan who originated this idea over a decade ago, must be very pleasing. It is seen as family fun combining old holiday traditions like daft, cheesy jokes on the website to some serious cooking. But the key to its success must be because communities take part and don’t have to congregate in one place.
This year it has been named as the best food festival in Britain by The Independent and as one of the top ten by Conde Nast Traveller.
Can it be long before Halifax catches up on Pembrokeshire?

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