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Aberdeen beach: Winner of Seaside Award flag since 2007

Today it’s the turn of Scotland to hear how its beaches have been affected by the new water rules used in determining which get blue flags and which do not.
Three beaches – all in Fife – won the blue flag award and although that may seem a small number it’s the same as last year. And it’s the same three beaches that had previously won it. Aberdour Silver Sands first won the award in 1998 and then have continued to win it every single year since. Burntisland have won it every year since 2001 and Elie Ruby Bay since 2009. It does make you wonder why the three successful winners are all in Fife and why that can’t be replicated elsewhere both in other Fife beaches and then in other regions.
Organisers have been at pains to point out that the regulations are a lot tougher this year particularly in water standards and that they have been introduced before the EU deadline.
The Seaside Awards which rate beaches based on excellent litter, management, safety procedures and water quality were also announced and these go to 59 Scottish beaches. St Andrews West Sands has won the award every year since the first award was handed out in 1991. Only one other beach can match that record and, for once, it’s not a beach in Fife. It is Gullane Bents in East Lothian. Some have held the award for only slightly less. Aberdour Silver sands has had a Seaside Award every year for 20 years as has Nairn Central beach on the Moray Firth.
You might not be surprised to learn that Fife had the most awarded beaches – fourteen – but you may be surprised to learn that on the west coast, Ayrshire beaches managed just two awards. Generally, beaches on the west coast were less successful than those on the east as both the Highlands and Aberdeenshire each won 11 awards.
Please remember though that if you are planning on visiting a beach that these awards were assessed some time ago. Whilst beach staff will work diligently to keep beaches clean, your best guide to whether a beach is clean is your own eyes and sense of smell. The old adage about not swimming after heavy rain still holds true.

For a full list of the award winning beaches, click here.

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