The blue flag beaches of Liguria

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Lerici Beach

Just a few weeks after we heard which beaches in our countries had been awarded blue flags, the same has been happening throughout Europe. The place with more blue flags than any other part of Italy is Liguria – as it has been for the last four years – an area that doesn’t really feature on the tourism plans of many of us.

Liguria is to be found sandwiched in between the French Riviera and Tuscany and whilst its main city – Genoa – might be known to people as an industrialised city and port, the beaches are largely known by Italians as a summer seaside destination.
Sanremo is one such beach that may be known. Proof of how few Brits go there can be seen by the fact that its website is available only in Italian. But for those who do venture to the region, they have an enviable choice of beaches from which to choose.
Finale Ligure, in the west of the region, is one of the longest beaches to be found in Liguria. It is about fourteen kilometres long with a palm tree lined sandy beach. Or there is Lerici Beach in the east which combines deep, clear sea water with sand stretches of beach and cliffs above them. From the top you have views over the islands of Tino, Tinetto and the Palmeria lighthouse. Or you can try one of the smaller beaches. Aregai is known for its modern marina and is thus a magnet for sailors. But the sandy beach and the bike path that has been built along 24 kilometres of this coastline make it a good location to base yourself and then just cycle as much or as little as you fancy to see the scenery.

Finale Ligure

But I couldn’t end this story without mentioning the fact that, next weekend, in Ventimiglia will – I think – be the 80th (some say 50th) annual Battle of the Flowers. The festival which is held in a big flower growing area, has processions, music, fun and fireworks.

At only about 250 kilometres Liguria is quite a small region making it ideal – until you get to know it – as a weekend break destination. In comparison with other areas it is very accessible. Not only is Genoa an international airport and Nice airport in France is just outside the western end but there is both an autostrata and a railway line that snake along the coast giving easy access for any traveller.

For more information about Liguria, click here.

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