The treasures of the Mary Rose

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How many of us realise a hearth must be on ships so meals could be prepared?

With so many items to see in the Mary Rose Museum, CD-Traveller includes here some images of other treasures archaeologists and restores have on display. The links to the Mary Rose may or may not work as so many people tried to look at the site that the Mary Rose Trust site went down yesterday. Obviously the ship is still of tremendous interest to us today.

as well as dice seamen used how did a cowrie shell manage to get on the ship? Had some sailor collected it on a far eastern trip?

With a number of musical instruments did sailors play in some sort of band? Or did some sailors have their own instruments to play to amuse themselves?

a surviving book cover would be used to protect a bible or some other religious tome.

From a skeleton, experts have been able to create a model of what the archer might have looked like

…and after painstaking work this is what this particular archer appear like if we were to meet him

Among so many cannon brought up from the Solent are some that show how design and materials were being developedw how far English craftsmen had

This is the master gunner’s trunk. Not only are his tools here but his everyday mugs and plates plus more personal items

one of the surprises to me was that so many boots, shoes and leather products have survived the salt of the sea to remain instantly recognisable now they are cleaned

combs that not only helped grooming but helped remove nits as well. Nits would have probably been on everyone!

Bows and arrows which probably hadn’t changed much in 200 years. Long bow archers were the key to success at Agincourt in 1415

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