Nobody is gonna rain on my parade

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National Gallery

The title of today’s story is the last line and a bit from a song in Funny Girl, a song made memorable by Barbara Streisand. And that’s how I feel about this week. Rain, literally, has made enjoying half-term week a bit more difficult and the strike by some civil servants which will affect museums in London and English Heritage sites may not help but, hang it all, I am going to continue to get out and enjoy the week.
Yesterday I was at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford in Cambridgeshire, spending five hours there, some in the rain as I watched – in the drizzle, rain and mist – planes on the runway and walked between the eight halls. And heard all about the filming of the new George Clooney film which will have some sequences filed at the site.
Today its Mary Rose. The official opening takes place today with the transfer of the bell from the ship into the museum. Friday it was to be Stonehenge, striking workers permitting and Saturday is Bath to see the Roman baths again.
My plans this week may have been similar to many others. Make the most of half-term; take children and visitors to as many places as possible so they can see what we have to offer. Rain, drizzle, mist, traffic jams are part of many holidays and that’s not going to put me off despite spending 45 minutes queuing to get over the QE2 bridge in Dartford last night.
Equally, I am not going to be put off by any effects strikers might have in making life difficult at English Heritage sites like Stonehenge or others such as the Imperial war Museum ( closed in London anyway until July) the different Tate’s, the National Galleries or the new museum in Liverpool. Nor should you. Check the websites of the places you are planning to visit over the next few days to see if you are affected at all. Generally we won’t know until the actual day how effective any strike is so plan an alternative just in case.
But otherwise, don’t let anything put you off or you won’t do anything!

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