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Riverside Museum

Two years ago the Riverside Museum opened in its Zaha Hadid building. Now it basks in an achievement that few British museums achieve. It has been named European Museum of the Year.

Never won by a Scottish museum before this prize must have been won in some part due to the stunning architectural design. The judging panel agreed unanimously that the museum fulfils the criteria of ‘public quality’ at the highest level.”As you travel through this part of Glasgow which has altered so much over the last twenty years or so, Hadid’s wave-like structure stands proud on the skyline. And proud must be the Museum, properly called the Glasgow Riverside Museum of Transport. Because although awards are all well and good, public approval is more important. Over two million people have looked over this collection honouring Glasgow – and Scotland’s – maritime, railway and engineering heritage. It was Scotland’s favourite tourist attraction last year and has won a string of other awards as well.

Whilst it looks like a geometric wave from the ground, if you fly over it the outline of a wave becomes even more pronounced. It is one of those landmarks that cannot be confused from the sky just as the “armadillo” can’t be.

Glasgow’s Riverside Museum is to be found on the banks of the River Clyde at about half a mile from the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre and replaced the old transport museum. The Clyde is an appropriate place since it will forever be linked with shipbuilding so it is no surprise to find that the tall ship Glenlee owned by the Clyde Maritime Trust is also moored here.

Following some online comment sites, I think if you only have an hour or so to spare it won’t be enough. It looks like previous visitors think 3-4 hours is what you need. But as its free and if you are time-constrained, at least you can pop back time-and-time again.

Image © ZHA

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