Put down the camera!

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Whether you stayed put in Blighty (brrrrr!) or escaped to sunnier climes, I hope you had great Easter.

As for me, I spent a couple of days doing the dutiful daughter/granddaughter/niece act and visiting the rellies in Ely. On Easter Monday, in a bid to work off some of the pounds we must have piled on having consumed far too many hot cross buns and Easter eggs, en famille and I went for a walk around Ely.

Ely Cathedral

The pretty cathedral town was choc full of tourists seemingly hell bent on snapping the magnificent Norman Cathedral from every which way, which caused me to question, why? Don’t get me wrong: I understand the desire to take a picture of an iconic landmark, but really, how many do you need? How many pictures of the (admittedly gorgeous) Cathedral are you actually going to post on Facebook or print off and frame? I suspect the answer is a couple, perhaps – at a push – four or five. But 25 plus? I think not.


A mentor of mine once advised: “Don’t audit life. Show up and make the most of it now.”  It’s a sentiment that I wanted to share with the coach load of tourists I encountered in Ely, clamouring to capture the cathedral on their cameras.You can take hundreds of pictures to document your travel experiences, but are any truly necessary? I recently visited Brazil, but I don’t need to look at my laptop to be reminded of the county’s stunning scenery. All I need to do is close my eyes and there Brazil is, in all its natural beauty.

Sometimes we’d do better to put down the camera and concentrate on simply savouring and soaking up the atmosphere around us.


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