What is there about Sheffield hoteliers?

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Giving the traveller what they want © Dan Sperrin

I ask the question because hoteliers in Sheffield have come top in a study by the booking agency, hotel.info.
This isn’t a small study either. Their Service Quality Survey was the result of 25,700 hotel guests grading places in which they stayed for service and then hotel.info grouped them together in cities.
Only seven cities managed to gain scores greater than eight and they are in order; Sheffield, Norwich, Leeds, York, Torquay, Belfast and Edinburgh. Should we read anything into the fact that three of these seven are in Yorkshire? And that London is only in equal 22nd place with Plymouth?
What readers should probably bear in mind is that this is only a survey of what hotel.info bookers think. Many people would use other booking engines so this survey is excluding results from all the others. It could be skewed to business travellers rather than leisure ones which could explain why so many seaside destinations don’t appear in the top 25 cities.
But, when all is said and done, what over 25,000 people think is a sizable result. And Sheffield’s success – and that of Yorkshire – should make people wonder what the city is doing that others aren’t. Is it attention to detail, delivering what the guest wants, going the extra mile for guests, value for money, comfortable rooms and beds or just that home-away-from-home feeling that the city’s hoteliers provide?
And that should be the subject of the next study. Then all the cities in the country can copy this winning formula.

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