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Nessie or mildly pornographic?

That was the comment by a local councillor, Ross Church, on the new logo being considered by the New Zealand town of Kapiti. Does that image spring to mind when you see it?
According to the local Kapiti Observer, a member of the community board was quoted as saying, “I have had feedback from the public that this ‘k’ image with its bent leg, at the knee, is more than mildly pornographic. Perhaps the caption underneath could be ‘come to Kapiti and let the earth move for you’.”
I confess that I haven’t heard of Kapiti. But I bet just about every Scottish newspaper will carry this story tomorrow morning
Being of a cynical mind, I have long thought that early season sightings of Nessie have been wonderfully helpful to Drumnadrochit and the Nessie visitor centres up in Scotland. But persuading a New Zealand councillor 12,000 miles away to compare a logo to Nessie is even beyond my cynicism. So the local Loch Ness tourist board must be rubbing its hands with glee at this early season publicity. Linking sex and Nessie is not something that most PR people would have done. Loch Ness local traders must be thanking Jackie Elliot for coming up with this great idea.
How about honorary membership of the local tourist board as a thank you? Should get some great publicity back in Kapiti and a few more days coverage over here!

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