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One of Rafael Nadal's two Cozumel hotels

Everyone has the right to spend their own money and tennis pro, Andy Murray has decided to join the tourism industry by opening a hotel. Or rather buying a closed-down one, refurbishing it and re-opening it next year.
That it is quite small – only 15 bedrooms – seems immaterial. The key reason behind the purchase of the Cromlix House Hotel seems to be that it allows him to “give something back to the community (Dunblane) I grew up in.” It was also the same hotel in which he stood as best man when his brother got married there a few years ago. So he obviously had some attachment to it.
Many enteratiners and celebrities lend their names to hotels without really having any influence. I think of the Burt Bacharach Motel near Hicksville on New York’s Long Island and John Malkovich’s Big Sleep Hotel in Eastbourne. But how involved do celebrities get? How much is created and run as they would wish and how much is them lending their names to a hotel so that visitors come thinking they will bump into this person or that?
It is said that Clint Eastwood can be seen at his 31-roomed Mission Ranch in Carmel, California, the same town where film actress Doris Day owns the Cypresss Inn. Murray’s rival, Rafael Nadal owns two hotels in Cozumel in Mexico, David Coulthard has a stake in the Columbus Hotel in Monaco and fellow former F1 driver Nigel Mansell owns Woodbury Park in Devon.
Murray won’t be around to turn down the beds, knock up a Scottish breakfast or carry your bags to the rooms. That will farmed out to a management company on his behalf. So is he just a money man and is looking to put something away for his old age? We’ll only know that after it opens. In the meantime, his name alone should generate some bookings.

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