What’s hot: March 2013

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CD-Traveller tells you what’s hot and what’s not in the travel world.  Read on to find out why it’s a good month  for Sri Lanka, if not Scunthorpe…


Pampered pooches

Want to pamper your pooch? Look no further than the House of Mutt (houseofmutt.com) in Suffolk. The dog only hotel can arrange long country walks, bespoke portrait painting and indulgent spa sessions for £39.50 per night.

Screaming in Norway
2013 marks the 150th anniversary of Edvard Munch – aka Norway’s best known artist. To celebrate Munch’s most famous painting, The Scream, the Norwegian tourist board is asking people to record themselves screaming in Norwegian locations – and then upload their wail to visitnorway.com. The prize for one lucky winner? A week long trip to Norway.

Corruption Tours in Prague
The Corrupt Tour agency in Prague has launched a tour taking in the Czech capital’s sites of sleaze and scandal. “We have corruption in our cultural heritage. We want corruption in Prague to be listed by Unesco” commented Petr Sourek – the founder of the CorruptTour agency. The Czech Republic was ranked 57th on the Transparency International’s corruption index.

Rio decoded

Rio de Janeiro is providing tourists with information about the city by embedding QR bar codes into Rio’s iconic black and white mosaics. The codes have  so far only been installed at Arpoador – a massive boulder that rises at the end of Ipanema beach. However there are plans to install 30 of these QR codes at popular tourist sites across Rio. All tourists with a QR reading app on their smartphone need to do, is to take a snapshot of the mosaic and a map will appear showing your exact location and providing you with information about that area.

Sweet dreams in space
Nasa is testing an inflatable bedroom for astronauts at the International Space Station. The  13ft pod which Nasa aims to install by 2015, has been designed by Las Vegas based company Bigelow Aerospace. The price is pretty perturbing tho: a 60 day stay will cost £15.6m. Ouch!

Surf’s up!

Surfer, Garrett McNamara, who holds the title for the biggest wave ever surfed, broke his own record in February when he surfed an incredible 100ft wave off the coast of Nazare in Portugal. This was the spot where the 45 year old Hawaiian set his last record on a wave measuring 90ft, back in 2011.

Adrenaline thrills at Alton Towers
March 16 will see Alton Towers launch its biggest ride to date. The name of the new ride isn’t yet known (insiders are using the code name, Secret Weapon 7,) but it promises to have a drop of 30m.

Forking out for fresh air in Beijing

So bad is Beijing’s smog (the American Embassy reported that concentration of polluting Airborne particles went past the ‘hazardous’ range and off the chart last month), that one Beijinger has started selling fresh air in a can! Multimillionaire businessman Chen Guangbiao is selling cans of fresh air for 5 yuan (80 cents). Chen said he wanted to make the point that China’s air pollution is now so foul that the idea of selling bottled air makes perfect sense. Proceeds from the sale of green and orange cans of ‘Fresh Air’,  are sent to the poorest regions of China.

Sri Lanka
March is the month that British Airways starts flying from Gatwick to Sri Lanka. The flight may be 12 and a half hours but at the end of the journey, you’ll find palm fringed beaches, treasured temples, verdant vegetation, happy herds of elephants, and brightly coloured saris, in spades.



Sorry Scunthorpe but you’ve been named and shamed, as the least romantic place in Britain. The North Lincolnshire industrial town was voted the most unromantic place to visit in the UK in a poll by booking website Hotels.com. Bradford and Blackpool claimed second and third place, respectively.



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