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It’s that time of year when UK travellers make holiday choices. With this in mind, Robin Nowacki seeks the response from the National Tourist Boards to two key questions, namely ‘What do you think will be your hotspots for 2013?’ and ‘How do you see tourism developing from a consumer’s point of view’?

The Far East continues to grow as a popular holiday choice for UK travellers, and Korea has shown impressive growth in recent years in the numbers from these shores choosing this destination.

Ramy Salameh, the PR manager for the Korea Tourism Organization in the UK, when asked what he thought would be Korea’s  hotspots for 2013, said:

“The Korean  peninsula is having its moment in the limelight, and this is the culmination of steady growth year-on-year for the past decade.

Of course Gangnam Style was the icing on the cake in 2012 for our destination and is part of ‘Hallyu’ or the ‘Korean wave’ of popular culture that has made Korea the hub of Asian ‘cool’. So expect the Island of Jeju (New7wonders of nature) to feature in travel brochures and articles in 2013 and also the Gangwon-do Province with its many ski-resorts, one of which will host the 2018 Winter Olympics (Pyeongchang)”.

When asked how do you see tourism developing from a consumers point of view? Ramy Salameh said: “Social media and a diverse range of online marketing platforms has meant the consumer is more knowledgeable, destination savvy and adventurous in their travel decision making. I see the trend of ‘dynamic-packaging’ and the consumer appetite for more experiential and culture orientated trips growing to Korea, especially that BA has started a new service to Korea from London as of December 2012”.

CD Traveller carried a report in December 2012 on how the Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Thuringia regions of Germany would be promoted in 2013 as “The cultural heart of Germany” by the German National Tourist Office UK and Europe.

Now Director, Klaus Lohmann, speaks to CD Traveller, firstly about what he feels will be Germany’s hotspots for 2013:

“Travellers to Germany are spoilt for choice! In 2013, The Brothers Grimm will be hugely popular and offers the consumer the chance to follow the ‘Fairytale Route’, which takes in the cities from Bremen and Hannover in the North to smaller towns such as Fulder, not far from Frankfurt, further south.

“Value for money, a highly efficient and reliable infrastructure, plus a very warm welcome, are all factors in the popularity of Germany”.

German National Tourist Office

In response to how he saw tourism in Germany developing from a consumer’s point of view, Klaus Lohmann told CD Traveller:

“The numbers of visitors from the UK to Germany have been steadily increasing year on year since 2009.Visitors from Ireland for example, account for one of the biggest visitor groups to Berlin, so there is clearly a lot of interest in Germany and all indicators show this will continue to develop.One particular area of development will be ‘accessible’ travel to Germany, and also this year, with the 200th anniversary celebrations for Richard Wagner, we will be looking at the development of music and event/festival tourism.

“Interest in the German countryside is also attracting interest, because consumers are now realising there are lots of different areas of Germany worth exploring, outside of the main cities”.


Mr Tolga Tuyluoglu, director of the Turkish Culture and Tourism Office, London, also spoke to CD Traveller’s Robin Nowacki, first about how he saw Turkey’s hotspots for 2013:

“We’re expecting travellers to enjoy adventure travel and sports in Turkey with more gusto than ever as a result of our campaigns promoting this lesser-known side of Turkey during 2013.

Tolga Tuyluoglu

Turkey provides the ultimate all-season venue for adrenalin-filled activities and ultra-sports, including white-water rafting, canoeing, scuba diving, windsurfing, kite-surfing, caving, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, paragliding and hot-air ballooning, while offering the opportunity to enjoy the landscapes and cultures across this fascinating country”.

When asked how he saw tourism developing in Turkey from a consumers point of view, Mr Tolga Tuyluoglu said: “Consumers will continue to find that Turkey is an excellent value-for-money holiday destination with so much to offer beyond the classic sun and sea, wonderful as they might be! They will continue to enjoy Turkey’s hospitality, fantastic cuisine, unrivalled cultural and historical attractions and hopefully be tempted to engage in enjoyable activities away from the major tourist hotspots”.

CD Traveller’s final contribution is from Elizabeth Fox, the regional director for the Jamaica Tourist Board for UK and Northern Europe, whose destination received a great deal of positive publicity in 2012, thanks to the famous exploits of their athletes during the London Olympics.

Elizabeth Fox

Elizabeth Fox: “Jamaica received international media attention during 2012, as a result of the island celebrating 50 years of independence and from the achievements made by the Jamaican athletes at the Olympics.

“With further investments scheduled to take place this year, Jamaica is set to remain at the forefront of the tourist industry”.

As for the hotspots? “One of the areas we hope to see receiving more visitors is Port Antonio, with the famous Trident Hotel having recently re-opened after significant investment”.

When it came to how Jamaica developing from a consumers point of view, Elizabeth Fox had this to say:

“Further re-development work will take place this year on Trident Castle and Blue Lagoon, representing a multi-million dollar tourism investment on the area.This news adds to Jamaica’s already impressive tourism portfolio which has also seen several hotels, such as Half Moon and Hermosa Cove, complete renovations and upgrades to the resorts.

“We also have more airlift this year with Virgin Atlantic and Thomson launching extra weekly flights from London Gatwick, and we are hopeful that this will facilitate more visitors this year.”
CD Traveller would like to thank all our contributors, from the tourist boards. Look out for more question and answer sessions featuring the travel industry’s key players in 2013 coming soon on CD-Traveller.


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