Tea and baggage at British Airways

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In the last week British Airways has surprised many of us with two anouncements. The first that it will introduce a new fare structure allowing those of us that travel just with hand baggage to travel at cheaper fares and the second is that they want to improve the taste of their tea.
That BA is charging a lower fare to travel just with hand baggage is almost a nod to its low-cost rivals. They charge for hold baggage, BA doesn’t.
By introducing these scheme on five test routes out of Gatwick; Amsterdam, Dubrovnik, Jersey, Tunis and Turin it is reminding travellers that just buying a ticket is no simple task. By the time you compare hand baggage sizes and weights and the same for hold baggage, prices for preferred seating, getting on a plane before others and all the other things that low-cost airlines charge for BA is obviously hoping to regain some passengers it has lost. And in particular those passengers who fly city to city on easyJet for at least they fly to airports near the cities they claim to fly to unlike Ryanair. It will be interesting to see whether the scheme is rolled out on all their flights. I write this secure in the knowledge that I can still fly half way around the world with just hand baggage and therefore look forward to some savings on my tickets!
Any drinker of airline tea usually moans and I am no exception although I don’t find the tea served by BA to be all that bad. Assuming my taste buds haven’t been permanently altered by a lifetime of airline tea. It will be intriguing to see how it differs now that the airline has signed a deal with Twinings to offer a new blend of tea to airline passengers. Part of the problem with tea on flights is that hot water boils at a different temperature depending on altitude so Twinings claim that tea on a plane can never taste quite the same. Unless you deliberately develop a tea that replicates the same taste but after having been brewed at a lower temperature. And that is what it has clained to have done.
In addition, First and Club World passengers should have access to at least a choice of seven different teas. As long as one of them isn’t Twinings Everyday tea – one of the weakest brews available!

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