Who hit the police signs?

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Who crushed the sign?

It isn’t uncommon when you travel to see signs that amuse. But in 35th Street near 9th Avenue in New York, in a place reserved for police parking, it was hard not to take a picture of signs that had been knocked down by, I presume, the police themselves.
For a start they angle parked to the road and half way up the sidewalk (sorry, pavement) as well which makes it about possible for a stroller to get through but definitely not a wheelchair.
And to find – as a bonus – that the signs are damaged and half driven over suggesting that it isn’t just one police car that has done this but many. The signs are plastic so maybe the police know that the signs won’t damage the cars.

...and bashed this one too!

The markers must be placed there to stop cars encroaching even further on the sidewalk. But encroach they do. And they probably don’t get a ticket!

PS I’m writing about this after I have left the US. Just in case!

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