The success of Club55

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ScotRail's Club 55

Club 55

There really can’t have been quite such a successful rail promotion. Hundreds of thousands of tickets have been sold. And it’s back. Regular readers will know all about it by now so I will give just the briefest of reminders.
The tickets are available for those over 55. Scot Rail and Arriva Wales Trains have just reintroduced the promotion and tickets are available for us up until March. You don’t need to book in advance; you can just turn up on the day and buy them.
For Scot Rail the return fare is £19 or, for first class, £26. That could take you from Dumfries to Thurso if you wanted to. If you bought a usual ticket that would set you back £43. You can buy a return ticket to anywhere on their network. There are restrictions on times you can travel into the main cities so do check the website first and check that the usual ticket price that you plan on buying isn’t cheaper than £19 anyway. The promotion runs until 28th March. It doesn’t apply to the linking Caledonian sleeper service between London and Scotland
Arriva Trains Wales return price is £17 provided you book on their website. Buy at the station and it will cost £19 and £24 if you travel on a Friday. Again, that price is for any journey on their network. This promotion ends earlier on March 17th but travel can occur up to a week later.
Part of the problem with these tickets is that you have to get to the two areas concerned if you live outside Scotland and Wales. But Arriva has linked with other rail companies and there are cheap add-on fares from the Midlands and the North West of England to get there. A deal with Chiltern Trains does mean those in London and the north west home counties can get there but unless you’re going to north or mid Wales, it’s a bit of a chore. Clicking here will give you the options.
There are no connecting deals with Scot Rail but remember that their network does include a few English places like Carlisle so you need only buy tickets to there and then you can start using the Club 55 promotions.
In 2011, other rail companies within the First Group joined in with the promotion. Now just Scot Rail remains. Any chance the others will join in this year? Not so far!

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