Will you “Jump into Ireland?”

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The British market is the most important one for Irish tourism. You will already have seen half-page and full page adverts in the press encouraging you to jump into Ireland for your summer holidays this year.
In December the tourist board briefed the travel trade in both Belfast and Dublin on what they planned to do. Vanessa Markey who heads up tourism in the UK for Ireland said that many Britons had stayed at home to watch the jubilee and the Olympics. The soggy weather that followed then caused us to seek warmer, dryer climes in which to holiday which – in fairness – you can’t claim that Ireland has. So Ireland had fewer of us visiting than they would have liked. That, they plan to change.
What you may not realise is that Tourism Ireland is targeting those of us who holiday in the UK at three particular locations; Scotland, the Lake District and the south west of England in Devon and Cornwall. They believe that people who have holidayed here are most likely to visit Ireland. Visiting those areas suggest that you go for the scenery, that you like to explore or that you have children.
What they have done is to break down visitors into segments by grouping those of us with similar outlooks on life or actions. Two of those groups are being targeted for their 2013 campaign which, you might be surprised to learn, will not be on television but largely internet bound.
The first of these groups is what they call social engineers. These are young couples who play and work hard. They like attending festivals, events, music and tend to want busy days and evenings. They also are heavy users of the internet. Do you fit into this group?
If not maybe you are in the second group that they have developed. This they call the culturally curious which consists predominantly of people whose children have left home or who are childless. Heritage and history appeals to them as does getting off the beaten track.. To these people word-of-mouth is one of the most important reasons for going anywhere so social sites like TripAdvisor might be very important.
In later years they plan to target other segments so you are likely to see very specific advertising messages for some time to come.
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