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Ecuador landscape

You won’t see massive promotions about Ecuador as it has decided that it doesn’t want to super-sell its resources just share them. After all, this is a country – the first in the world – that has decided that the rights of nature should be enshrined in its constitution.
It has adopted a policy called ‘conscious tourism’ and is based on a belief in ethical and sustainable tourism. To put it more simply, the country wants to share friendship and sharing what it has rather than selling their virtues.
Is this just marketing speak or is it sincere? Time will tell.
Take Jasaynee for example. This is a park in the Amazon rainforest where two indigenous tribes live in a way that is true to their heritage. To protect it from development – it sits on an estimated billion barrels of oil – the president has decreed that it will remain untouched. And with those constitutional rights, that may be the case.

Nonetheless visitors will come and explore. Last year there were 1.2 million arrivals, but not much more than 22,000 visitors from the UK. The country’s tourist board is optimistic that there will be more UK visitors in 2013 drawn by its main attraction – the Galapagos Islands. But there are main other reasons to place Ecuador on your holiday plans. Quito, the capital, was also the first colonial city in the world to receive UNESCO world heritage status.
The country possesses a culture that pre-dates pre-Colombian civilisation and it has the mighty Amazon. You can travel on the river to see the rare pink dolphins or stay at one of the rainforest resorts and wake up in the morning to the tune of humming birds. There are fifty volcanoes, hot springs and spas connected to those. Down on the coast don’t be surprised to hear the lilting Welsh accent as this is a popular destination for Welsh – among others – surfers.
In the next few weeks you will see advertising but, unbelievably, advertising with no images. Despite the beauty that it undoubtedly possesses, the country is going to be just running plain text. The plan is that, with every other country showing appealing and stunning photographs, you’ll remember Ecuador just because it is different. And that is what Ecuador is trying to put across.

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