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The Civil Aviation Authority – CAA – expects that two million of us will book holidays in January. But will our holidays be protected if the tour operator goes bust?
As CD-Traveller readers will know, when you book a holiday with an ATOL bonded travel company you should receive a certificate which will state what coverage you have. And before you sign on the dotted line ask about certificates. If you don’t get provided with a certficate when you book, ask for it and hold your ground until you get it.
To help you know what we should get, the CAA has launched a campaign to raise awareness of its ATOL scheme. The campaign, backed by a new CAA website,, aims to end confusion among customers about whether or not their travel booking comes with financial protection.
If you go to the website and scroll to the bottom of the first page you’ll find a link that enables you to check the name of the company that you are planning to book with. By typing in their name, you’ll be instantly told if they are bonded or not.
The sad thing is that every year there are companies that go bust. The best that you can do is book with a company where – if the worst happens – you money is protected even though you will have the hassle of trying to find another holiday. And if you really must use a company with no ATOL bonding then pay with a credit card not a debit card. At least in this way you should be able to reclaim the money from the card issuing company.

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