A Hamburg Christmas

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Hamburg montage

Although we have Christmas markets strewn across the UK these days, it is in Germany that the tradition endures. the number of tour operators offering short breaks to tour the markets has grown even as we ave developed our own. And Hamburg has one of the biggest and best.

the food...

I was there earlier this month, returning to the city I lived in for a few years. One of my memories was of the markets and I was pleased to see that my memory hadn’t exaggerated just how big and much fun they are. Six Christmas markets take place in the city and many run until New Year’s Eve so a German Chrsitmas market is often not just for Christmas but the whole festive season.
What’s the difference between the Christmas markets you see in the UK as opposed to Germany? In Hamburg, at least, it seems a family affair. people go to enjoy themselves. It isn’t just an opportunity to shop or drink. People go to have fun, to mix, to join in.

...but there's fun as well

There’s something about the magic of a German Christmas market that hasn’t quite made it yet to our shores.

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