Best value winter hotspots for British holidaymakers heading overseas

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Save as they samba: British Pound 17 per cent stronger vs Brazilian Real compared to 12 months ago; that’s an extra £86.78 in holidaymakers’ pockets for every £500 spent

London, 13th December 2012 – For the millions of Brits planning to head abroad for some winter sun, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Argentina and South Africa, are the top ‘best value’ destinations, according to figures compiled by foreign exchange specialist Moneycorp.

Top of the list of winter sun destinations is Brazil. British holidaymakers can save as they samba, as the Pound is worth 17 per cent  more against the Brazilian Real than it was at this time last year. That’s the equivalent of an extra £86.78 for every £500 spent. While in neighbouring Argentina, the Pound has strengthened 16.5 per cent against the Peso, an additional £82.33 for every £500 spent.


Brazil: one of the best value winter hotspots

Meanwhile Brits heading for the beaches of Sri Lanka can enjoy an exchange rate that is almost 14 per cent better than it was in December 2011, or an extra £68.33 for every £500 spent.

Britain’s economy has finally emerged from recession and the Pound is flying high. Sterling has strengthened against a basket of international currencies, meaning British tourists heading abroad can get much more bang for their buck.

For those Brits wanting to stay closer to home, European destinations such as the Canary Islands, Cyprus, Malta and Greece enjoy average winter temperatures of around 19-20 degrees Celsius, and Brits can enjoy extra purchasing power, with sterling up almost six per cent on the Euro, compared to a year ago.

Tracey Tivnan, Travel Money marketing manager at Moneycorp, comments:  “Every year, millions of Brits choose to take a winter break in sunnier climates, and this year is unlikely to be any different. It’s not cheap to take the whole family away, but thanks to the strength of the Pound, there are plenty of winter destinations that offer significantly better value this year compared to last.

Greece is also great value


“Inevitably, southern Europe continues to be popular with British winter holidaymakers due to its proximity to the UK, and with the Pound remaining strong against the Euro, the Canary Islands, Greece, Malta and southern Portugal are likely to be popular destinations again this year. However, for those holidaymakers who don’t mind or are keen to travel further afield, they will have significantly more purchasing power in destinations such as Brazil, Sri Lanka and South Africa, thanks to the strengthening Pound.”

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