Changes in how we book

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Travellers and holidaymakers want information immediately said Luis Anglada from NH Hotels speaking at the conference in London this afternoon. Anglada said that travel suppliers who can’t provide information in the way that travellers want to use them will miss out.
Whoever suppliers the products wanted by travellers must offer the ability to book online, by mobile phone, by traditional means and must be able to provide it on whatever technical advances come along.
TripAdvisor said that a third of their searches were now done by mobile and other speakers emphasised its importance.
What was interesting was the attitude of suppliers to Google and Anglada summed up the situation succinctly. Google is all dominant. You cannot avoid them so you have to work with them. But is it evolving into more than a search engine? It has advertising and offers a range of services. Does the public want this? Does it still offer a value-added service? Ten years ago there were rivals to Google. Unless it concentrates on what the public thinks it is, rivals offering better services might spring up. And Anglada thought that consumers would use whatever was easiest for them.
He also questioned the role of travel agents. The role had to change. They had to offer value to customers and that value was probably their knowledge. Is that why there has been a swing back to using travel agents in the last year or so?
As we approach one of the key booking periods for next year’s summer holidays, CD-Traveller will be asking you how you plan to book your holidays in the future.

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