ACF hits west London. Will it spread?

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This is a not a new disease but an “expert,” Simon Buck – CEO of the British Air Transport Association – only identified it formerly yesterday afternoon at the Transport Select Committee hearing on airport expansion.
It is Aviation Consultation Fatigue a particularly virulent disease which is proving almost impossible to eradicate. It is caused by politicians having an inability to make up their minds and then act on it. Rife in the UK for at least twenty years, sometimes it seems to have disappeared only to re-appear causing misery to tens of thousands and fatigue to others.
Regular readers may already have recognised symptoms in themselves.
The “fed-upedness” (a medical and technical term) that this generates in populations living hundreds of miles away from where the outbreak occurs causes mind games where those people are led to believe that the whole of England doesn’t matter because only London is important. This may become fatal in some cases where it results in “devolutionitis,” In this possibility people begin to think that maybe they would be better if London was cast adrift from the rest in order to save as many as possible from the stultifying boredom.
Unfortunately most of those “experts” that attended yesterday’s hearings were of one accord that the illness had returned and was more deadly than ever. That all of them were suffering from it – and a nasty strain which made them unable to use their minds to consider other remedies – seems to suggest that we might be moving into a psychiatric side to the disease. Even though it has been pointed out to these victims many times that Heathrow is not the only choice the effect of this strange word (which means a congestive ailment which can be unblocked by surgically removing some of the so-called blockages and inserting them elsewhere) results in a state of having a closed mind. Hence the need to call on the leading psychiatrists in the country or, to call them by their correct names – open-minded common-sense thinkers – to come and help treat the suffering. There were hopes under a previous doctor called Justine Greening, that the disease had been treated. But she has been transferred to another department within the hospital and may be trying to treat indecision and procrastination elsewhere.
The fear now is that the rest of us may be afflicted by this nasty outbreak which cannot be treated with vaccines or antibiotics.
The concern is that it may last until after 2015 only to reappear as different doctors struggle (and fail) to eradicate the disease.

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