How do you choose your airline?

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Whether you’re flying abroad on a business trip or heading off on the holiday of a lifetime, how to choose an airline?

It’s a good question, with no ‘one size fits all’ solution. When I was moving back to Blighty from Beijing, I booked a flight home with BA owing to their generous baggage allowances (not only do BA check in heavier bags than competitors like Cathay Pacific, but it costs considerably less to check in extra bags with BA than other airlines). I’m also happy to admit that I have a soft spot for BA, being our national carrier and all.

The emotional heath warnings team?

When money is in short supply, I’ll opt for a budget airline like Easyjet and forgo frills such as food, drinks, blankets, pillows etc. Meanwhile many of my friends are huge fans of Emirates owing to the Dubai based carriers’ glossy, good looking flight attendants, generous seating arrangements (passengers can expect much more leg room) and superior entertainment system (there’s a mile long list of new films and TV shows on tap).

But if food – served frequently – is important to you, United Airlines could be the way to go. I recently returned from a trip to Pasadena with United – and wish I had packed more of an appetite, before boarding! United served generous meals (on my flight, the dinner tray contained two desserts – a brownie and an ice cream sandwich), punctuated by an array of snacks including tubs of vanilla ice cream. (Americans are obsessed with the frozen stuff). It might not have been the healthiest fare but up in the air, it hit the spot and I realised upon landing that I hadn’t once swivelled my head to see if the food trolley was trundling down the aisle – something I have been guilty of doing with other airlines in the past.

But enough about me: how do you choose your perfect flying partner? Let us know, by posting a comment below!

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