Cocktail time

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London Cocktail Week – the biggest drinks festival in the UK – is currently in full swing in the Seven Dials area of Covent Garden. Planning on popping along? Expect cocktail tastings, master classes, pop up shops and parties. Can’t make it down to Seven Dials? Panic not: to celebrate the capital’s unrivalled cocktail culture, Seven Dials have decided to share their recipe for a killer cocktail, with CD-Traveller readers. Enjoy!

Seven Dials cocktail recipe


25ml Gin
35ml Freshly pressed apple juice
10ml Campari
10ml Grenadine
10ml Monin Pure Cane Sugar syrup
20 ml Lime
Top with champagne

Shake the gin, apple juice, Campari, Grenadine, sugar syrup and lime with lots of ice. Next, fill a tall glass with more ice and pour over until the liquid comes about 3cm from the top. Finish off by topping with champagne.

The cocktail

A meeting point of ingredients, this cocktail was given a gin and apple juice base, as a nod to Seven Dials’ rich heritage, and a modern twist with a hint of Campari. The striking red colour sums up Seven Dials as a fashion destination, celebrating the wealth of boutiques it is home to. The champagne top underlines the high end luxurious destinations to be found in the area, and the indulgence of spending time exploring the beautiful Seven Streets and the bars they behold. And of course, each of the seven ingredients pays homage to one of the Seven Dials.

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