British holiday-makers find travel increasingly stressful

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Travel is getting more stressful, according to the results of a new poll from

A massive 86 per cent of holiday-makers say that the journey is the most stressful part of their holiday, a rise of 13 per cent in three years.

Other factors such as language or cultural differences (seven percent), arriving in a strange place (five per cent) and too much time with loved ones (two per cent) are cited as minor holiday stresses.

In fact, spending quality time with our family is the main reason we want to get away on holiday according to this latest poll. And it seems that our motivation for going on holiday remains the same year after year.

In 2012, 41 per cent of customers agree that being with loved ones is the best thing about going on holiday, whilst exploring a new place is tops for 35 per cent. A beach-loving 18 per cent are looking forward to lying in the sun doing nothing.

Only four per cent rate eating and drinking as the best thing about a holiday, and delving into a good book is the priority for just two per cent.

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