Malaysia Week in London

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Colours of Malaysia

Starting on the 7th October on the South Bank in London is Malaysia Week, your family’s opportunity to learn a little bit more about Malaysia and why you might want to consider travelling and holidaying there.
Lasting until the 10th of the month, there will be exhibitions of traditional dances and displays of crafts. Included in that will be some demonstrations of how to create batik. On my study wall at home is a framed batik picture given to me years ago but how the fabric is made, coloured and turned into a work of art I know nothing so I shall be trying to learn a bit more whilst I am there.
The week officially opens on Saturday and about 150,000 of us are expected to visit. Ads have appeared in London’s Evening Standard alerting us to the events that is cultural, gastronomic and fun. Malaysia isn’t just one culture but a blend of Malay, Chinese, Indian as well as Sabah and Sarawak. It’s why the food varies as well so you can find foods like Teh Tarik, (milk tea where the liquid is poured from one mug to another in a very theatrical manner) Roti Canai (a flatbread) and Ice Kacang (a sweet shaved ice pudding.)
And while you eat, learn, watch and see all the different things that Malaysia produces you can have a go at playing traditional games as well, games that have little following in our countries. These include Congkak (a board game) and Batu Seremban (a bit like jacks).
So make the most of the next few days if you are a Londoner or can easily get to London to enjoy and marvel at Malaysian hospitality.

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