Club 55 returns for the autumn

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Club 55

Both ScotRail and Arriva Trains Wales have announced the return of the popular Club 55 promotion. ScotRail’s began on the 3rd of September and will run until the end of November and Arriva’s began on the 2nd of September and continues until December 9th.
The fare on ScotRail will be £19 return from any two points on their network. And, as usual, this price applies to from any stations north but including Carlisle on the west coast and Berwick-upon-Tweed on the east. Arriva has rebranded their promotion as New Club 55 is also charging £19 (book on their website and it becomes £17) but £24 if you travel on Fridays. There is a monthly prize draw for joining and they will also receive advance notice of the dates. Arriva have also announced that their spring Club 55 tickets will be available from 6th January 2013.
Check the usual fare before you buy you Club 55 tickets because – in a few cases – the normal day return fare may be cheaper as might two singles.
Most of you will know the rules by now but here is a quick recap. Obviously you must be over 55; you don’t need to book in advance you can just turn up on the day. There are no restrictions on the number of tickets available but, if you look young like me, you may need to show some proof of identity like a driver’s licence to show that you really are aged over 55. Fares apply only to the trains of the two companies but in the case of Arriva you can buy cheap ad-on tickets from companies associated in the promotion to get you into Wales.
Look at the websites for restrictions on travel such as arriving in major cities during the rush hours or leaving during the evening rush period.
The Club 55 is proving to be one of the best promotions that train companies can use. ScotRail says that during the spring campaign, 125,000 Club 55 journeys were made. Arriva hasn’t announced figures. First Great Western which has run campaign in the past hasn’t announced a promotion this time but as for the other train operating companies, not a thing.

For more information about Arriva Trains Wales click here.
For more information about ScotRail click here

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