Dull and Boring

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Dull & Boring

Too exciting to be Dull?

We’ve all been to places that we considered a little dull. Or a bit boring. But would you announce the fact?
Two villages thousands of miles apart have. With evocative names, both villages have paired to encourage tourism. Well, that’s what they say.
Driving from Kinloch Rannoch in the Scottish Highlands last week on the road to Aberfeldy, I passed the village of Dull. And it was twinned with Boring which I take to be another small village and which is in the US state of Oregon as the sign says but how does it compare? Are these two places so dull and boring between them? Is there a place awaiting to rival them for dullness and boringness?
William H. Boring gave his name to the village in Oregon which is just outside the state’s best known city, Portland. But a village? It has 8,000 people living there, compared to Dull’s 84. But if Dull has 84 people living there, there are quite well hidden. More cows than people I saw and they weren’t even highland cows! Dull isn’t quite as dull as it sounds for just a little further along there is Highland Safaris. They claim they are in Aberfeldy but I think they are really Dull-ites. They have a café and a red deer park. And Dull probably means “meadow” or “snare” in Gaelic so that isn’t really dull either. All-in-all these places might just be a tad too exciting for their own good. They need to work a bit harder on being boring and dull otherwise they might just get interesting. And that would be the end…
Back in Boring just over a week ago, the local citizens proclaimed August 9th as a Boring and Dull Day in Perpetuity. It makes you wonder how this would be celebrated. Would you just stay at home and say ho-hum or would you enthusiastically promote a fete day and hope that it would be rained off? Would you hire the worst band and comic in the world? Anything else could make it exciting. Surely it would be better not to have a particular day but just tell passers-by that they should have been here yesterday!

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