Guests opt for lower quality hotels, as accommodation prices soar during Olympics

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Overnight stay costs in London have risen considerably during the Summer Olympic Games, with many hotel guests now selecting hotels in a lower star category to save money. Hotel prices across the board have increased by approximately 30 per cent in comparison with the same period last year and are up by 6.45 per cent compared to June 2012. While reservations in the higher categories are lower than in the same period last year, has identified a marked rise in the number of bookings made in two and three star hotels.

Although hotel rooms in the four star category appear to be less sought after during the Olympics compared with the same period last year, the average overnight cost has still increased. According to current booking figures, prices have jumped by 20 per cent from £162.50 to £197.34 per room per night.

Within the three star category, rooms are now almost 40 per cent more expensive, averaging £142.83 per night during the Games. In the two star category, overnight costs have risen on average by 52.59 per cent from £63.38 to £96.72.

However, in spite of the higher prices, the Olympics do offer an excellent opportunity for London hotels to impress their guests. Up to now, London has frequently been at the lower end of customer satisfaction ratings in both national and international surveys. Research published by in June 2012 revealed that the capital doesn’t even get close to a podium place compared to other UK cities, including Liverpool and Sheffield. The capital finished 10th in a customer satisfaction survey of over 10,000 business and leisure travellers, with an average score of 6.58.

“There are still rooms available, even for the remaining Olympic weekends, many of which are at considerably lower prices than the average rates. There are also 3 and 4 star hotels featured that have considerably reduced their rates as many of the room allocations have not been taken up yet. All in all, there is still hope for a last minute traveller to be able to make an affordable trip to the capital,” commented Andreas Klug, country manager for the UK for

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