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Chris O'Dowd

As the first event of the Olympics gets under way today, (women’s football in Cardiff) lots of countries are using the opportunity –whilst their athletes are here – to persuade us to holiday with them after its over. Not so Ireland. Using funnyman Chris O’Dowd, they are urging us to go now and “Escape the Madness” of London.
The film – which you can see by clicking here – points out how inconvenient it can be to get around London whilst the games are on. We should try to remain calm. And take life easy. And not get wound-up by little annoying things. And forget about road closures and everything else.
As if you hadn’t guessed, you do that by disappearing to Ireland whilst the games are on.
So we have the “funny peculiar” of British Airways adopting the quirky attitude of telling us not to fly with them but stay at home and support our team and the “funny ha ha” Irish saying visit them and avoid the madness. The idea is that it will be quicker to get to Ireland than it will be to get to the office. So a competition is set up with O’Dowd doing the commentary.
I’ll leave it to you to guess who wins. The two-minute video starts on Friday and runs until September. Those who watch will be invited to enter a competition to win a holiday in… guess where? The video doesn’t really showcase Ireland but does that matter? As long as we remember Ireland for our holidays when the games are over, they’ll be happy. Even if they did take the Michael!

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