Travelling Brits choose a snooze over gambling and booze

By | Category: Travel news

While airport queues are driving travellers around the bend, a new survey by has revealed how Brit holidaymakers would rather spend their time at the terminal.

The results found Brits to be a nation of nappers, with more than half (53 per cent) telling the travel add-ons company that additional sleeping areas would be at the top of their airport services wish list.

Although some ladies have other ideas on their mind… the research found that a fifth of women would swap their beauty sleep for some pre-holiday preening, suggesting that airports should introduce beauty parlours or hairdressers.

While women want to be pampered, men show their geeky side. Almost a third (33 per cent) of males said that an area with gadgets and games consoles would be their ideal way to pass the time.

Gambling and drink-fuelled partying was definitely not on most people’s agenda, with just three per cent finding the idea of an airport casino appealing, and no-one opting for an on-airport nightclub!

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