Sue McDonough’s boudin recipe

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Boudin recipe

Boudin anyone?

Last April we wrote a story about boudin, that sausage beloved by people in Louisiana and the deep south of the United States. Some readers wrote to see if we had a recipe. What a hunt we’ve had!
The problem is that most cooks, chefs, cookery writers guard their recipes so it wasn’t easy to find one we could use. It might have been easier trying to locate the werewolves that Cajun legends say inhabit the swamps and bayous of Louisiana.
So thanks are due to Sue C. Donough of New Iberia in Louisiana for allowing us to share her recipe. Interestingly, New Iberia claims to be in the heart of Cajun country and food is a strong part of the appeal to visitors to go there. And on their website, they offer some mouth-watering recipes for shrimp, jambalaya and pralines but is there a recipe for boudin? Not a hint of one. Megan Hartman of the tourist office in Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana was kind enough to track down this recipe. She has no recipe for it on her website, so I am beginning to appreciate how closely they guard their secrets.

Is boudin so special that everyone has their own version and that knowledge is only passed within the family? Whatever the reason, thanks to Sue and Megan: here is Sue’s recipe for boudin…

2lbs of pork meat
1.5lbs of pork liver
1 large onion cut up
2 bunches of green onions, chopped
6 cups of cooked rice
1 bunch of parsley chopped up
Salt and pepper to taste
Sausage casings, soaked in cold water

1) Cook the pork meat, liver and the seasonings in water to cover until the meat falls apart; remove the meat and reserve some broth
2) Grind the meat, green onions and parsley (reserve about a half cup each of the green onion tops and parsley)
3) Mix ground meat mixture with a half cup of green onions and parsley, rice and broth to make a moist dressing
4) Stuff dressing into the casings using a sausage stuffer

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