Eating Mexican pasties

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Pasties; Cornish variety

300,000 Brits travel to Mexico every year, mostly during our Summer school holidays. And when we do go, it tends to be the Cancun and Yucatan areas that attract us. Just 78,000 Mexicans come to Britain.
The Mexican tourism minister, Gloria Guevara Manzo, and the head of Visit Britain, Chris Rodriguez, have signed an agreement to “develop tourism initiatives with an emphasis on luxury travel, adventure, nature, beach, sport and cultural tourism.”
What does that mean for us holidaymakers? Is it more than just hard-to-understand civil service speak?
I think it means Britain plans to get Mexicans to travel here and we will pass on some skills. But will it mean we will be encouraged to visit Mexico? Or will it mean something else?
Readers might remember a story from last November that there is going to be a museum in the Mexican town of Real del Monte, (twinned with Redruth) a museum dedicated to the Cornish pasty. The same place holds a very successful international Cornish pasty festival and last year 20,000 people attended. Both it and its neighbouring town of Pachuca (twinned with Camborne) have a long connection with Cornwall since miners migrated to Mexico in the 1820’s to work in the silver mines. They must have brought pasties with them. Now the area has developed its own versions called “pastes”.
Now you might be aware that David Cameron was in Mexico for a G20 summit. But unlike here a month or so back there is no news of whether David Cameron he has sampled the Mexican version of the pasty. Neither Chris Rodriguez or Gloria Geuvara Manzo was photographed tucking into one either.
Could it be that Cameron did try to buy one but it had closed down? Like the one at Leeds railway station. And remember it was only a fortnight ago that VAT on hot pasties was removed by George Osborne.
And there you have it. The answer is that this signed agreement is to allow the international freeflow of pasties –or pastes- for holidaymakers between the two nations. That is until someone explains what this really means!

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