USA captures British interest

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Last April, CD-Traveller reported on the first ever marketing promotion by the USA. In May, the UK was one of the main launch countries. So, six weeks on, is the campaign effective?
CD-Traveller spoke to Chris Perkins who heads up the world-wide marketing of Brand USA, the name under which this new $200 million campaign operates. Stressing that the campaign is in its early days, he said that the UK was responding well to the promotion. In fact there are more click-throughs from the UK than any other country. Visitors to the site are also looking at how to get around and comparing spending.
Overall, the song that introduces and permeates the promotion- Land of Dreams – which is composed and sung by Roseanne Cash, has been viewed over 300,000 times on YouTube. But will all this interest covert into people actually booking to go there?
That could be the case because what is doubly pleasing to Brand USA is that a lot of people going to the website are going to pages about visas and how to get there. This suggests that they are potentially first time visitors – something that every country wants. It means that Brand USA could be growing the market for visitors from Britain rather than just appealing to those who have been there before.
Whether that happens will take a while to spot but so far Brand USA sound optimistic.

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