The things people say

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We are all aware that some people have pretty strange ideas about other countries. We also know that we, ourselves, have pretty odd ideas about other countries and home destinations as well.
So I shouldn’t have been surprised on a comment by a couple of American girls who were getting ready for a trip to the UK yesterday. I confess to missing the first part of the conversation so how this came about I don’t know. But the bit that I did hear was “England’s so far north, its only dark for four-and-a-half-hours per night.”
I assume they meant now, today, this month. In summer we do get short nights and we aren’t far away from the shortest night of the year but four-and-a-half-hours? How did she pick up this nugget of information? What led them to even discuss this? Were they planning on lots of nightclubbing and this shattering news would disrupt the plans for long sessions of dancing and drinking? Do they think that this means there is more opportunity to see the sights as they will have nineteen and a half hours of unbridled sunshine? Maybe no-one’s told them that the days are dismal and rain is forecast almost non-stop for a month. Maybe the jubilee concert that ABC television showed in prime time last Saturday evening convinced them that it stayed light until really late when the fireworks that we have every night in London start.

How I wish I had heard more!

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