Congratulations Boris, but now it’s time to tackle the Tube delays

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So Boris is back. The blonde buffoon has been appointed Mayor of London for another term and as someone who positively galloped to the polling booth to vote for him – despite not being a Conservative – I am pretty pleased.

As a Londoner, I love Boris’ bikes for hire scheme and am not adverse to his Boris Island airport idea. But the fun, if foppish, Etonian needs to wise up when it comes to the Tube. Only this week Mr Johnson hailed figures showing that the Tube is more reliable than ever – as passengers, including myself, suffered one of the worst weeks of signal failures and track faults, resulting in severe delays.

Case in point? A 50 minute journey on the Metropolitan line last Tuesday, ended up taking close to two hours. I wish I could say it was better on Wednesday, but – you can see this coming a mile off – it wasn’t. Nor on Thursday. Or Friday. A friend, who incidentally is not a commuter, mentioned in passing that the delays were perhaps because of all the rain we have had. Possibly, but while that might explain the slack services, it doesn’t excuse them. After all, this is England where rain is guaranteed no matter what the season.

Boris Johnson

It’s not often that I find myself agreeing with the odious RMT leader, Bob Crowe, but this is one of those rare instances. “It is all very well for TfL to boast of record services, but passengers are still suffering delays every day,” the demon of the London Underground recently remarked. And with the 2012 Olympics just around the corner, I fear journeys are only going to get worse for commuters.

My message for the Mayor? Congratulations on defeating Labour’s Ken Livingstone: I’m thrilled that you will be flying the capital’s flags for the next four years. However now that the party is over, it is time for promises to be kept: namely tackling the tricky problem of the Tube.

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