Brits won’t be kept waiting!

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The majority of travellers (40 per cent) don’t want to be held up for more than half an hour passing through check-in and airport security, according to the results of a new poll from travel add-ons specialist

The survey also reveals that a further 25 per cent of holidaymakers, are not happy to be kept waiting longer than 45 minutes. However, with security measures increasing in the lead up to the Olympics and staffing problems at major UK airports causing immigration disruption, Brits will have to prepare for the longest delays ever.

For nearly a quarter (22 per cent) of those polled, security comes first and they don’t mind how long it takes; while an hour is the limit for 13 per cent of customers.

“People might not want to be kept waiting, but unfortunately they don’t have much choice. The airport experience can be quite stressful at the moment, and with the Olympics approaching it doesn’t look like it’s going to get much better over the summer.  It’s as important as ever to plan ahead and minimise the time you actually need to be at the airport,”

 said Andrea Clayton, head of insurance at

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