High end hotels need to stop charging for internet access

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It may only be Wednesday but here at CD-Traveller towers, we already have our quote of the week. Take a bow US actor, Zach Braff. The Scrubs star –  who has just finished appearing in his own play, All New People, at London’s Duke of York Theatre – said: “Charging for internet in a hotel room is like charging for napkins at a restaurant.”

We couldn’t agree more. The bank holiday weekend found me attending (yet another) wedding – this one in Hertfordshire. Did the hotel I ended up staying at, offer its customers complimentary Wifi? The answer (you can you see this coming a mile off, right?) is no. The next morning while nursing hangovers over a Bloody Mary fuelled branch, I asked friends who had stayed the night at neighbouring Hertfordshire hotels whether Wifi was included in their room bills. Again, the answer was a resounding no.

It’s not often I advocate following in America’s footsteps, but this is one of those occasions. I was fortunate enough to recently spend a fortnight in the US, staying in no fewer than six different hotels. All, bar one, included complimentary Wifi in their tariffs and even the lone offender permitted guests to surf the worldwide web for free in the lobby lounge.

Is there any reason why hotels in the UK, can’t do the same?


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