California’s cupcake craze shows no sign of abating

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Want to start a conversation in California? Don’t bother discussing the weather. All you need to do is mention menus. Californians are fanatical about their food – be it burritos or Marin oysters (San Francisco), fish tacos (San Diego) or ethnic eats from food trucks (LA). And let’s not forget dessert. The sweet treat that all Californians are crazy about? Cupcakes.

The popularity of the miniature cake – which shot to fame after a cameo appearance in Sex and the City back in 2000 – shows no sign of dying out this side of the pond. Even the women I have met out here who seem to survive solely on a diet of spirulina and wheatgrass shots (and there are many), go loopy when confronted with a red velvet cupcake.

Take my wonderful, waif like tour guide today. She was showing us around Oxbow public market – a gorgeous gourmet food market in Napa Valley – when she spied a cupcake stall. Que much squealing and snapping of these bite sized treats, which she then promptly shared with her friends via social media platforms (think Facebook, Twitter and Yelp).

Personally this is one trend I just don’t get. While I wouldn’t ever pass up a cupcake (yes I am a sugar fiend), given the choice I’d prefer to bite into a brownie, macaroon, muffin or krispy kreme over what is, in essence, a fairy cake topped with a generous dollop of pink sugar. Factor in the price (in Cali, cupcakes cost anywhere from US$2.75 to US$4.50) and this cake suddenly doesn’t seem quite so sweet…

What do you think of the American cupcake cult? Cool or crazy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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