Being smart about destinations

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One of the problems of holidaying is deciding what to see. Sometimes by the time you have made up your mind and arrive at an attraction, the queues are enough to make you decide to forget it.

One of the advantages of Smart Destinations in the US is that having one of their passes means that you can skip to the front of the queue. And for anyone who has tried to get up the Empire State building in New York during the summer then that can be a long wait. So buying a Smart Destinations ions pass can be just that- smart.

The passes are widely available in the UK so you can buy them from your travel agent or tour operator before you go. The big advantage there is that you can buy in sterling before you go and still have your holiday money when you arrive. So it helps budgeting and makes planning easier.

And the UK is the largest market for these passes outside the US. Hundreds of thousands of them are sold every year and the market for them is growing. The major destinations we like to travel to are covered; places like Orlando, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York to just name a few.

When you buy the pass you are going to have access to maybe forty to sixty different attractions and they’re not necessarily the first ones you think of although the popular ones are there as well. For example in New York it includes the Sex and the City Tour which is very popular for us Brits and Irish as is Woodbury Common the huge outlet shopping mall about an hour out of New York.

So you get a wide choice for your money. The passes are available for just one day if you want them or three, five or seven days so you don’t need to buy a pass for more than you need.

Like everything these days, there is also an app that you can download to your smartphone and buy the passes that way as well. The passes appeal to families in the main and to those with teenagers in particular.

Consider a Smart Destinations pass the next time you and your family holiday in the US.

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