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This is the title of a song written by Roseanne Cash – the daughter of Johnny – to launch the huge marketing effort by the United States to persuade us to visit their country. The marketing push was launched in Los Angeles yesterday morning and the UK is going to be one of the first countries to see the results.
$200 million has been raised from business and from trhose of us who have had to pay for an ESTA – the online form you complete now to enter the US. So the US government has chipped in nothing. Instead it has encouraged, cajoled and supported the efforts to launch the first ever promotion to attract us to the US. Yes, there have been the approaches of individual states like California, Florida and New York but nothing by the entire country.
Cash’s song is catchy and I can see it becoming well-known as it is played in most of the advertisments. It uses musicians from different countries – or at least the places of their birth. So there is a musician from London backing her as the Brand USA people ( the name of the organisation for getting us to go there) demonstrate that music is the way to attract us to their country.
The logo is pictured. What do you think?
During the launch, one person asked why there was no red, white and blue in the logo. Because, he was told, that those three colours might say USA to many people and they would think that they knew about the country. The logo – and the campaign – is deliberately designed to be different so that people wouldn’t think they knew the country. What Brand USA wants to do is persuade us that the country is not what we think it is; that there is more than the Empire State Building and Hollywood; more than Disneyland and Niagara Falls.
It is a tough task; we like the familiar. Look at Visit Britain. Their research says that heritage and Buckingham Palace, Shakespeare and the monarchy work. It will be interesting to see if this campaign – and Roseanne’s catchy tune will do the trick. The promotion starts on May 1st. Tell us what you think. One thing is certain. You won’t easily avoid it.

To hear Roseanne Cash’s song click here

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