Heineken, Clubs and the Milan Design Fair

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You have to admit that the combination of those words aren’t ones you would usually find together. But last night in Milan at the Design Fair, Heineken introduced some ideas from designers.
With input from clubbers coming from over twenty different countries, according to the organisers, “this allowed designers and their mentors across countries, cultures and different design disciplines to fuse together ideas with the aim to innovate nightclub design around the world.”
Going to clubs is a big feature of tourism. As night time entertainment, it is one of the top attractions particularly in resorts and big cities. But will Heineken bring anything as successful as, say their campaign of many years ago – Heineken refreshes the parts, other beers cannot reach – did? Will they, perhaps,change the image of clubs?
Mark van Iterson, of Heineken said, “We set out to experiment with ways of making the night more welcoming, more memorable and igniting conversation through design concepts and innovations.“
So what suggestions are there to attract us into clubs when we holiday?
To start with, they suggest unexpected activities to take people out of their shells, loosen them up and remove shyness. For some, the next idea is an important one! An interactive bar service (a bit like they have in some restaurants) that let’s bar staff knows who is next in the queue to serve. They suggest angular seating that has a calming effect on dancers in between the more effervescent activities whilst during the dancing itself, they have the “latest video mapping technology creates an interactive sense between the crowd and the DJ.”
Unfortunately this concept is only in Milan for just two days so what chance will holidaymakers and clubbers get to see it in practice?
It certainly won’t be the last we hear of Heineken as it plans future designs and ideas.

images courtesy of Heineken

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