Where the experts holiday: John Bosco, Sandemans tour guide

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Sandemans tour guide, John Bosco, on Brazil, Bermuda and the Big Apple

John Bosco

What do you like to do on holiday?
I am very bad at relaxing on holiday. I can just about manage a day of doing nothing on the beach, before I get restless. I love exploring: just seeing where the roads go (with the aid of a good map of course!) And historical sites are a must… anything crumbling or in ruins and I am there in a flash.

Where did you last go?
A three week jaunt in January around southern Brazil.


Of all the places you have been to which was your favourite and why?
Bizarrely perhaps, it was Bermuda which is akin to being stuck in a time warp. It is like Britain 50 years ago, but with better beaches and weather.  I also found Bermuda’s historical and cultural significance (England’s first overseas colony was the inspiration for The Tempest) incredibly fascinating. I had great fun exploring the cobbled lanes and buildings of the old colonial towns before enjoying the most amazing seafood meals.

Do you know where you are going next?
Yes: I am off to the Big Apple aka New York.

New York

How do you plan your holiday?
Badly! I always leave the practicalities – like where to stay or how to get there – to someone else! I go straight to a guide book (Timeout if I am going to a city, Lonely Planet if a country) and read the history section. Then I go through and dog ear anything I want to see, which basically ends up being every page. However if I am being entirely honest, I tend to plan my days around what cultural sites are close to the most renowned restaurants and bars in the neighbourhood.

How often do you go away?
At least twice  a year.

Who do you travel with?
Family or friends – never alone.

Richmond Green


In London, what would you recommend tourists see that isn’t in the travel guides.
Now that Spring is here,  go down to Richmond Green and watch one of the cricket matches that frequently happen there on a weekend. Grab an ice-cream, wander along the river, indulge in a cosy pub lunch and you’ve got a quintessentially British day.

John Bosco works as an actor, tour guide and in the theatre industry in London, where he has been based for the last seven years. As well as working for Sandemans New London where he runs a ‘Royal Palaces tour’, ‘Old City of London tour’ and a ‘Grim Reaper tour,’ John is also available as a freelance tour guide and can cater for specific needs. He can be contacted vie e-mail at j.bosco@hotmail.co.uk


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