Love isn’t in the air for British passengers

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Last month we revealed how Dutch airline, KLM, and Malaysian airlines are testing a new programme that allows passengers to pick their in-flight neighbours by evaluating Facebook and LinkedIn profiles before take-off!

The CD-Traveller team believe that the ‘social seating’ software (dubbed in-flight dating) is a super idea! We love the thought of sitting next to someone with whom we share similar interests. However it seems that most of our countrymen take the opposite stance. 57 per cent of those polled by announced they are are against airlines using social media for passengers to share information before their flight. A wary 38 percent of those polled thought it “a completely scary idea”, and a further 19 per cent were concerned that it could be dangerous. Sixty-four per cent of women compared to 51 per cent of men had safety worries about the new technology.

Only 12 per cent agreed with the CD-Traveller team that social seating could provide the dream travel scenario – whether romantic interest or a way of avoiding “passengers from hell”.  And, perhaps unsurprisingly, men were more taken with the online dating possibilities (four percent) than women (one per cent).

The poll results also revealed that 13 per cent of people would consider opting in to the service if they could have total control, with eighteen per cent of customers not bothered either way.

Eight hundred and four-five million people around the world have a Facebook page and 150 million are on the professional networking site, LinkedIn but as Anthony Clarke Cowell, associate merchandising director at, put it: “Social seating could be a step too far for British travellers.”



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