Remember Acapulco

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This is the title for a new promotion campaign that is being launched to encourage people to return to the Mexican beach resort that is forever linked to the high life and a Hollywood type appeal.

Over the years, film and television stars, pop singers and the wealthy have had second homes there. It became a trendy place to holiday. But no place can sit on its laurels even one as famed as Acapulco. But the federal and state governments as well as private investors – including the world’s richest man, Carlos Slim Helu, have banded together to promote what was Mexico’s first ever beach resort. In addition, thery are ploughing millions into new attractions. These include a centre for biodiversity, an interactive marine museum and a recreastion centre. And a new shopping area, Angosta Manzanillo, because shopping is always a big draw to visitors.

A new transportation system has begun as well, which links the diamond (the trendy, upmarket area) and traditional (where the cruise ships dock, the market is and La Quebrada cliff divers are to be found) zones which should help to alleviate some of the traffic problems that regular visitors only know about so well. Getting around has been made easier too, as a new tunnel has opened linking the traditional zone with the diamond one.

Subtitled Safe Nightlife, Safe Road and Safe Taxi, the theme of the promotion is also to remind us that the drug related violence that one hears about in Mexico is not everywhere. Acapulco has had its share of challenges in the past as the state tourism secretary, Graciela Baez Ricardez, admits but changes have improved the safety of visitors. Last year at the height of the violence, visitor numbers had slumped. Even then some nine million visitors go to Acapulco each year. Now, with new measures, confidence has returned and so have the visitors. The “Mexican Riviera” is buzzing again. A new website,, is part of the promotion.

For us living in Europe, travelling to Acapulco involves connecting flights as there is no direct service and – as if to reinforce its image – the destination tends to be only offered by upmarket tour operators.

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