Four fab ski resorts in the US

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Europe or America? For Megan, the overcrowded Alps can’t compete with the winter sports experience that can be had the other side of the Atlantic. Here she reveals her four favourite US ski resorts exclusively with CD-Traveller readers

Skiing is always popular, and with skiing comes ski resorts. Millions of Americans flock annually to some of the best ski resorts in the United States, from Colorado to New York City. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced skier, the following resorts will provide you, your new friends hours of entertainment and years of great memories.

Vail, Colorado

As one of the most popular and well-known ski resorts in the United States, Vail works hard to ensure that its resort is kept pristine and inviting for all of its guests. The city itself has a history rooted in boot camp training during World War II. It was Mr. Vail who cut a pass through the mountains and into the valley that is now named after him. The ski resort opened in 1962, operated by two veteran brothers who had imagined the resort as a prime vacationing spot for people from around the country. The resort began with just five chair lifts, and today they welcome thousands of visitors every year. There is plenty of shopping and nightlife to enjoy in the local city. There are skiing and snowboarding lessons for children, teens, and adults. You can also check out Adventure Ridge or engage in some fun Tubing. They also offer lots of Nordic Activities and a fantastic spa within the resort itself. It’s an excellent way to wind down your day, and meet new people!

Heavenly – Lake Tahoe, California

Heavenly is a ski resort located inside of the region of Lake Tahoe, in the northernmost region of California. If you are traveling alone, this is a great place to visit, as it is a happening town, with tonnes of things to do. You can admire the lovely mountain terrain; check out the resort’s live shows and snowy activities like snowboarding and horseback riding. During the holidays you can even enjoy a holiday ice spectacular, featuring professional figure skaters. There are also ski lessons available for every age. There are casinos and dining nearby, but the prime attraction is the amazing natural scenery of the Lake Tahoe region.

Mt Bachelor, Oregon

Oregon is close to California, terrain-wise. The trees are similar, and so are the mountains. Mt Bachelor is a fantastic place to visit by yourself. Is it your first time skiing? The resort offers lessons for children, teenagers and adults. They also offer private lessons and multi-week activities for everybody throughout the day. Nearly 1,000 acres are open during the winter, providing a diversity of terrain for all skiers. You can visit the local village and check out the quaint dining options near the mountains, and check out the nightlife as well – but the mountain is also beautiful during the summer and spring.

Crystal Mountain, Washington

It is the largest ski area in Washington, boasting over 2,600 acres of open territory for skiers to enjoy. There are also more than 50 named runs! In addition to all of this, they are also open during the summer season. It is located on the corner of Mt Rainier National Park. There are over 12 peaks and basins: The Summit House Restaurant can be reached by taking a gondola to the top of the peak. You can stay for one day or one month – the accommodations are diverse. Over US$30million  have been invested in making it a prime resort!

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