Have holiday brochures had their day?

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Tui Travel’s distribution and online director, Nick Longman, has gone on record as saying that travel companies could soon become completely brochure free – as more and more Brits choose and book a trip online rather than through a glossy brochure.

Longman told Travel Weekly: “Brochures are an interesting debate. My challenge in the business is to think about at what point do we need zero brochures. There is going to be a point where we need to stop producing brochures and I think it will come within the next five years.”

In some respects, CD-Traveller hopes Mr Longman’s prediction proves true. As a travel blog/website we’d obviously prefer people turn to the internet for travel inspiration and information, than a brochure or book. Plus as an environmentally conscious company, using the internet as a fountain of (travel) knowledge is kinder to planet earth: you don’t have to kill a few trees for each and every glossy publication.

Nonetheless, being an old fashioned type at heart, I would be sad to see the death of gorgeous travel brochures (and books) having derived a great deal of pleasure from flicking through brochures in the past. What’s more I love the way a brochure feels in my hands – and looks in my living room – and that I can then easily pass it along to interested friends and family.

But what about you? Do you think that holiday brochures should be consigned to the history books? Let us know by posting a comment below!

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