predicts panoramic trend for weddings in 2012

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Destination wedding website,, has predicted that 2012 will be the year of the vista, in terms of wedding hotspots abroad.

The site has experienced a 145 percent increase in visitors over the last 12 months, who are especially interested in countries boasting venues with fantastic views and wedding planners able to organise ceremonies with breathtaking backdrops, in sometimes unexpected locations.

Steph Bishop, joint-founder of shares her top five wedding destinations with amazing views:

Italy, Amalfi Coast
“The Amalfi Coast, on the southern part of the Sorrentine Peninsula, has long captured hearts for its awe-inspiring, mountainous setting, and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. Celebrities Gary Lineker and Danielle Bux married in the picturesque town of Ravello two years ago, and we now have nine specialist wedding planners on the site, who can recreate that Amalfi Coast magic for UK couples,” says Bishop.

Dubrovnik Castle, Croatia
“’Unexpected tranquillity’, is the usual reaction from couples who choose to get married at the ancient Dubrovnik Castle, positioned on the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. The background has become so popular that now boasts six planners in this small region,” says Bishop.

Taj Mahal at sunset, India
“The building of the famous Taj Mahal in India began in 1632, when heart-broken Emperor Shah Jahan was inspirated to create something beautiful, in memory of his late third wife. It is therefore no surprise that couples flock to visit the white mausoleum – the most famous monument dedicated to love. However, weddings are becoming more and more popular at the Taj Mahal, for couples wanting the iconic white towers, landscaped gardens, and reflective long pool in their photos,” says Bishop.

Central Park, New York
“Famously captured in TV shows such as Sex and The City, Gossip Girl and Friends, Central Park is arguably the most famous communal green in the world. Few UK couples realise they can get married in the Park though – popular for its romantic, horse-drawn carriages” says Bishop.

The Winelands of Argentina
“This South American country boasts much stunning scenery, with waterfalls, glacial lakes and expansive deserts, which all make great wedding locations. However, less discovered are the vineyards of Argentina – which cover some outstanding terrains. Couples getting married in the winelands of Argentina often enjoy a spot of wine tasting, in the shadow of the Andes mountains post-wedding too,” says Bishop.

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